Running For Weight Loss 5 Things To Know in 2020
Running For Weight Loss 5 Things To Know in 2020

Running For Weight Loss is and always will be a humongous and difficult task when the idea of losing weight comes to our mind. It’s something we believe we cannot do until and unless we have done it.

But here in this article, you will learn 5 thinks that weight loss teaches you about running and running about weight loss. 

I’ve not blogged for a while, because I had been caught up with running, work, and life in general but it hasn’t stopped me thinking about weight loss, running, or how one can inform the other.

And it is during this time that I have learned these five things.

Running For Weight Loss
Running For Weight Loss

Running For Weight Loss 5 Things To Know in 2020

It’s not easy

Consistently losing weight is a hard thing to do. Initially, there is a struggle as your body and mind fight the changes, and then there are weeks filled with joy and happiness as the pounds tumble off. Then the body adapts, plateaus happen and everything feels tougher until you get how healthy eating is just a natural part of life.

Running is the same. When you start running knee pain kicks in initially and you think that is running bad for your knees? or your health? when you are overweight or bulky.

But if you are a regular runner, your mind rejects the pain gradually, and acceptance comes into play as you do more minutes of constant running. Then everything feels tough again as your distances and time increase before you hit your stride and it becomes a way of life.

It’s better to start running for 10 mins initially. Running 30 minutes a day is a regular routine for many people as part of their lives.

You may start running 1 mile a day after going through the first 2 phases of running 10 and 30 minutes.

Running To Lose Weight
Running To Lose Weight

It’s a mindset

Seriously! I never thought I would ever shift the weight I did. I was amazed to be running non-stop for thirty minutes. But I did on both accounts.

Realizing that I had and could lose the pounds meant that I had a different mindset to running. I have never said to myself “you can’t do this”, I have said, “give it a go, see how far you get”. And each time I have exceeded my expectations.

You can also do the same, just keep your head straight and make up a running mindset.

Weight Loss And Running
Weight Loss And Running

Stick to the plan

Consistency is key. Losing weight needs a plan, counting calories, exercising, planning your meals and everything included.

Running is the same. When following the plan I stick to three runs a week on the same days because this is what it takes to improve.

But like weight loss, there will be slip-ups. Days you can’t or won’t run for whatever the reasons may be. The important thing is not to beat yourself up and get back to the plan as soon as possible.

Because it’s these running techniques that will help you lose the pounds in the days to come.

Don’t blame life

We all have busy lives these days. Too much work, not enough time. It’s the same reason why we order that takeaway, eat that cake, or have another biscuit.

Most of the time we are lying to ourselves, but deep down we know what has been going on in and around us because of our decisions.

I run at least once a week at 6:00 am. It means getting up an hour earlier than normal but, especially in the winter months, is the best time to run (it’s dark but quiet). It’s not easy. And It takes a lot of determination.

If you really want something and it’s important too, you will in any way make time for it one way or the other.

Enough with the excuses.

Weight Loss And Running 2020
Weight Loss And Running 2020

Listen to your body, Not your head

When you are eating your body tells you when you’re full. But there is a good chance that, like me, you don’t listen to it. That’s one of the reasons I was obese. It’s probably the same reason you are or have been overweight.

Running is the same. Your mind will nag at you. It will tell you that you are tired, that your body hurts. It wants to go home and watch stupid TV and not work too hard. The truth is you can probably go a lot further and do more than you ever considered.

When you’ve run for a few months your mind will understand you are not going to stop. It won’t like it but it will accept there is no point in whining on.

It’s always worth getting medical advice when losing weight or taking up running.

But trust me, you can do this. I did.

You might just surprise yourself.

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