Exercise For Weight Loss
Exercise For Weight Loss

There is always time to “Exercise For Weight Loss”, always.

I don’t care who you are and how busy your day is. There is always time.

When I was growing up we were told the future was all bright and shiny, our leisure time would be plentiful, hours shorter rewards larger as tasks would become automated.

Because we generally thought that life would be so easy when we grow up. No studies, no one commanding us to do this or to do that, no obligations from anyone.


“We would-be commanders of our domain”

But as we grew up things started to become more complicated, problems started to grow even worst, and everything we thought and considered to get better by the passage of time appeared to have been a lie.

All this is the burden on every adult’s shoulders, this is a perk that everyone gets as he grows older and wiser. Thinks become complicated and sometimes life itself feels a huge mess and a waste.

Office Weight Loss
Office Weight Loss

Office work, friends, family, relative our surroundings, banks, schools, doctors, children you name it, we have to keep track and deal with everything relating to the above mentioned on a daily basis.

And in this busy schedule, we forget about our physic, body health, overweight, fat belly and so many other problems that are increasing by the passage of time. And we forget all these things which are the most important of them all. Because if we are gonna be healthy, only then we can take care of everything that is related to us in life.

But we forget that, and make no time or just skip it on a daily basis, and just say that we don’t have time for this.

Exercise Weight Loss
Exercise Weight Loss

In the rush towards nowhere our time is less and less our own. We are in the office longer, running kids to and fro from something or other, or on errands for loved ones.

Before we know where we are the day, week, month disappears and we’re several pounds heavier and no nearer our goal.


Just stop.

It’s time to make time for you.

Exercise doesn’t have to be about visiting the gym, 20-mile bike rides, or marathon hikes. Exercise is proactively engaging in something that raises the heart rate and burns a few calories.

When I started I did this by walking. And I did it in my lunchtime.

Exercise To Lose Weight
Exercise To Lose Weight

I only get 30 minutes for lunch, so I made a decision to go outside and walk. I still need to have lunch, so I eat that at my desk, before or after I go.

Yes, it’s not ideal. I am not eating mindfully. But, on balance, the opportunity to

Get fresh air
Improve health
Burn some calories
outweighed having to eat my sandwich at my desk.

On other days I would walk after work, especially in the spring and summer months when the nights were lighter and it was safer on the streets.

This is what I did to lose over 100 pounds (along with a sensible eating plan). I continue to do this to this day.

It’s not all I do but I made a decision about what was more important to me.

Do I slump in front of the TV when I get home?  Watching insignificant quiz shows and home improvement programs. Or can I spend 30 minutes walking, playing with my son, or sorting the garden out?

This is almost exercising stealthily.

So stop saying I don’t have time. Make time.

Believe me. It’s worth it.

Weight Loss Exercises
Weight Loss Exercises